8K High Response Replacement Clutch Spring Set – 15449-CY


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This HP clutch spring set provides more punch off the line. The stock CY clutch spring used in the HPI Baja 5b engages at approx 6K, these engage at approx 8K!

The 8000 RPM Clutch Spring is a direct replacement for the stock clutch spring in the Baja 5B. The is the same red spring that is included in HPI’s 15448 high response clutch.

Fits Chung Yang CY23RC / CY26RC / CY27RC / CY29RC / GP290 / F270 engines. Also fits Zenoah G23LH / G2D / G230RC / G260RC / G270RC / G290RC / G231PUH / G260PUH / G260PU / G231PUM / G260PUM engines.

Includes two (2) springs. Same as HPI part # 15449.

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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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