Alpha Dragon GT-R .21 3P-Pre Brake-in Engine (ceramic bearings)


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Alpha Dragon GT-R .21 3P-Pre Brake-in Engine

The new crankcase get the better cooling efficiency.

3 ports sleeve produce a liner power and a low fuel consumption.

Front and back ceramic bearings reduce the resistance of rotating mass.

Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft (DEC) perfectly balance crankshaft for smooth and improved acceleration.

The light weight cooling head features a low gravity with stability and predictable handling.


Displacement: 3.49cc
Practical R.P.M.: 4000~41200 R.P.M.
Power Output: 2.86pc/ 39500 R.P.M.
Weight: 360g
Sleeve: ABC
Crankshaft Diam.: 14mm diameter
Glow Plug Type: Turbo
Exhaust: Rear
Carburetor Diam.: 9mm(Variable)
Case Material: Aluminum
Carburetor: 3 Needles

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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