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Baskets may vary slightly from picture, as TR makes updates to this product.

gt121A – 3011 Snapper Basket for HPI Baja with Turtle Pinion
gt121B – 3012 Snapper Basket for HPI Baja with stock pinion
gt121C – 3013 Snapper Basket for HPI Baja with Black Bone gear
gt122A – 3017 Snapper Basket for Losi 5ive with Stock Losi pinion
gt122B – 3016 Snapper Basket for Losi 5ive with Turtle Racing HPI Baja Pinion
gt123A – 3020 Snapper Basket for Losi Desert Buggy XL (DBXL)
gt124A – 3022 Snapper Basket for FG Modellsport
gt124B – 3023 Snapper Basket for FG Modellsport 2-Speed
gt125 – 3024 Snapper Basket for Kraken Vekta.5

Requires TR “Snapper” Clutch for Use!!!

RCMax and Snapper Clutch Info:
If you are going to put the Snapper on the RCMax, you will probably need to deburr the end of the crank. It has a very sharp edge and will not allow the Snapper to sit completely on the crank. It works fine for stock clutch carriers because they are not hard anodized.
You can deburr it using your method of choice but you will need to round off the sharp edge of the crank evenly, all the way around. Do not install your base before you do this, once the sharp edge cuts into the base, the damage is done.
Also, make sure you check the center screw length as stated in install instructions and make sure you tighten the center screw on the Snapper good and tight, this also dictates how far the clutch sits on the crank. If it’s not tight enough, your basket will probably hit the Snapper Clutch and the base will spin on the crank. If your base spins on the crank, you will need to do some very intense cleaning of the crank and inside of base. You will have to remove the build up and do so without altering the crank or base at all.
If your pinion gear hits the gear plate you will need to add a shim between the pinion and bearing

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in
Select Clutch Basket

gt121B-3012 HPI Baja w/stock pinion, gt122A-3017 Losi 5ive w/stock pinion, gt122B-3016 Losi 5ive w/TR Baja Pinion +$19.99, gt123A-3020 Losi Desert Buggy (DBXL), gt124A-FG Modellsport +$29.99, gt125-Kraken Vekta.5 +$19.95


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