ESP Ported Zenoah G320RC 31.8cc / G340RC 34.0cc 4-Bolt Engine – Complete with clutch – bb130x


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ESP (Earth Surfer Products) Race Ported Zenoah G320RC 4-Bolt Engine – Complete with Clutch
Available in 2 options – with stock crankshaft (31.8cc) or +2mm stroker crankshaft (34.02cc). The 34.02cc versions are also available with BILLET CRANKCASE.
This is a G320RC that has been taken by ESP and Race Ported. ESP Has ported and enlarged the intake, exhaust, and transfer ports for added power. The 34.02cc G340RC version has the 2mm stroker crank installed.

The Zenoah Factory G320RC engine is an all new design – redesigned cylinder, crankcase, crankshaft, piston, etc for an absolute explosion of power, yet still in the same size package as the original Zenoah RC engines (G230RC, G240RC, G260RC, G270RC, G290RC)

This Zenoah G320RC engine has a 38mm bore, and 28mm stroke, for 31.8cc in its stock form. This ESP Modified version has a 38mm bore and 30mm stroke for 34.02cc. Includes a revolutionary new cylinder design with closed deck transfer ports (two piece), with removable covers.

The release of this Zenoah G320RC engine is the biggest news to hit the R/C engine world in years! We have been testing this engine for the last few months, and the power output is incredible. This ESP Modified version adds even more torque.

Very important:

This engine’s outer clutch housing is available in 2 versions. When ordering, select the clutch housing option you need from the drop-down menu.

bb128c – This is the factory clutch setup, – comes exactly as manufactured by the Zenoah factory, with no modifications. Fits HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC, Helicopter, Go-Ped, etc. This is the version that will work properly for most applications.

bb128d – This version of the engine has a modified “shorty” clutch housing – For R/C cars that were originally designed specifically for CY engines, which have less total engine width. Fits Losi 5ive, Losi Desert Buggy XL (DBXL), and Redcat. A CY fan cover must also be used for this engine to fit a Losi/Redcat. This is the stock fan cover from your Losi/Redcat. We also have these fan covers available for purchase separately (see item eg411), also at the bottom of this page in the “related items”. MOST clutch bell set ups also require you to use the CY Clutch plate (see item gt244) and clutch plate bolt (gt249) as the Zenoah pushes the clutch shoes too far out. This includes stock Losi/TLR clutch bells.

Note: Aftermarket Billet aluminum clutch housings are available for the Losi 5ive/DBXL & Redcat. (see part number sm106sv). If you plan on using one of these, purchase the bb125c and save yourself $5, as you won’t be using the stock clutch housing anyway. For those wanting an aftermarket clutch housing for HPI Baja, Goped, Kraken Vekta, etc part number is gt396

Here is a youtube video that helps explain the clutch options:


This engine is not compatible with most FG Modellsport or Smartech models. The larger crankcase interferes with the input shaft into the transmission.

What is the same as the existing Zenoah R/C engines:
Pull Starter
Fan Cover
Ignition Coil 
Inner Clutch Parts
Spark Plug
Carburetor Gasket
Exhaust Gasket
Air Filter

Small Oil Seal

What is different:

Piston Pin, Bearing, Washers
Crankcase Bearings
Outer Clutch Case
Engine Cover (shroud)
Crankcase Gasket
Insulator Gasket
Cylinder Gasket
Piston Pin, C-Clips, Washers, Bearing, etc
Insulator Manifold
Large Oil Seal

Displacement: 34.02cc
Bore: 38mm
Stroke: 30mm
Dry Weight: 2.3kg 

HP: Approx 4.0 or more (before adding tuned exhaust). The G290RC is commonly listed at 3.5hp, but this engine puts out considerably more power than the G290RC. Adding a tuned exhaust or other modifications will further increase horsepower and torque numbers.
Overall Dimension: 164mm Length, 215mm Width, 196mm height
Fuel: Pre-mixed gasoline and 2-cycle oil, 25:1 ratioFits most all the same applications as the regular Zenoah R/C Engines:
HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC, Losi 5ive, Losi Desert Buggy XL (DBXL), Redcat, Go-Ped(clutch driven versions only), Helicopter, and more!
For Go-Ped use – This engine will bolt on and work on existing 54mm clutch models. Will work on spindle drive models only if ADA clutch is used (part gt201).
This is a complete engine – including carburetor, air filter, clutch, and muffler.
The crankshaft is a different style (larger) than the original zenoah engines, so the existing +2mm stroke crankshafts on the market will NOT be compatible. But, crankshafts compatible with this engine are in development, and will be available from DDM in the next few months. With a 2mm stroker crankshaft installed, this engine will become a Zenoah G340RC Engine (38mm bore, 30mm stroke, 34.02cc) performance beast!!!
The exhaust port spacing is the same as the original engines, so all exhausts, tuned pipes, etc will remain compatible.

The cylinder includes removable transfer port cover plates, these plates can easily be removed for easier access to the transfer ports.


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

bb130c-31.8cc Standard Clutch (HPI Baja, Heli, Scooter), bb130d – 31.8cc Modified Clutch (Losi 5ive/DBXL, Redcat) +5, bb133c-34.02cc Standard Clutch Baja, Heli, Scooter) +$75, bb133d-34.02cc Modified Clutch (Losi 5ive/DBXL, Redcat) +$80


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