Kraken T90 Billet Transmission System for KV5/KV5LSE/KV5TT – KV6120


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T90 Billet Transmission System – Fits KV5, KV5LSE and KV5TT. Recommended for use with higher torque Mod 34cc and up or Big Bore engines (40-90cc)

Full Billet T6061

Double oversized bearings in the carrier (Clutch bells side)

Larger HD gears for extreme load

All-new larger bearings throughout

Enclosed case

CNC hardened steel gears

2mm thick clutch bell

Quick-release system (fast removal of the clutch bell and access to gears)

NOTE: Due to the spacing of the rear “heel” mount all smaller engines 23-34cc in size will require a CY fan cover be used. The Zenoah fan cover spacing is incompatible to the heel mount of the T90. The fan cover can be purchased separately if you do not have one (located in the related items listed below)

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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