LRP SXX TC Spec ESC, Tested good **Used**





LRP sets new standards and is conquering R/C-racing worldwide!SXX series is a complete redesign of the super-successful SPHERE series and boosts brushless performance into a new dimension. LRP once again confirms and proves its leading position in brushless technology.

The all new SXX TC spec represent the best of today´s brushless speed control! With its new ADPC 2 software, low profile heatsink and plugged fan, optimised Internal Temp Check System 2 and many more great features results in a perfect speed control for 1/10 Onroad (Touringcar modified) and 4wd Offroad modified.

Download the all new Brushless SpeedcontrolSetting Guide, developed by LRP R&D and team manager Reto König for always an perfect speedo and motor setting!


  • C3 Technology: Revolutionary Copper Core Cooling technology for lowest running temperatures
  • New X.Brake: Stronger brake and 10 autobrake setting for perfect adjustments.
  • New ADPC 2 software: 10 power profiles, includes all profiles used by the team.
  • Extra small size: 30.5x34x21mm
  • Optimised Internal Temp Check System 2: Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature that the speedo has reached.
  • Sensored design
  • AutoCell System: Automatic NiMH-LiPo adaptation
  • Externally removable power capacitor and 3.3mm2 power cable


Motorlimitover 3.0T (7.4V)

Rec. Motorlimit Brushlessover 2.5T (6.0V)

Voltage input4.8-7.4V

TypeForward / Brake

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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