PR Racing S1 V3 (FM) Type R 2wd Buggy

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Used cars sold as sliders unless otherwise noted, car will be complete and in good shape, cars are inspected for any major damaged and are repaired with OE PR components where necessary, cars will come with an extra set of suspension arms and front spindles, used cars will also have a body that will be in good shape or a new body (see pictures/description), cars may or may not have option parts on them. please see pictures, if other accessories or parts are needed please email us with your request or feel free to add parts from the site, all cars are sold as-is unless otherwise noted, Vendetta recommends all used cars to be torn down inspected and serviced prior to hitting the track, we can customize any car from mild tweaks to full race ready setups including charges, lipos, radio, wheels and tires, and tools just ask. 


Nice Type R 2wd, Carbon Fiber chassis shows little wear (had chassis protector on it when it came in), body is in nice shape with a nice paint job,  steel shock stand offs, 5mm steel front axles with new hexs, front and rear gullwing arms, we rebuilt the shocks here in the shop using the newest Blue O-rings, new cartridge kits, as well as the new +.05mm lower shock caps and sealing rings, Front is running 3×1.6 pistons and 35wt TLR shock oil and red springs, Rear is running 3X1.7 pistons 30wt TLR shock oil and White springs, new front top wing and rear 66401626 150mm comp wing with aluminum CNC wing washers, new CF battery hold down with new style o-ringed thumbscrews, diff is butter smooth in this car, outdrives are in great shape, all screws tightened and checked for stripped plastic, if plastic wouldn’t hold torque it was replaced

This car is nice shape and ready to go to work killing the competition.

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