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SC201 Carbon Fiber Chassis plate – MM and FM Configuration


Designed by the Swiss PR distributor, these give extra flex and reduce weight, as well as allowing tuneabilty from choosing the lay-down or stand-up gearbox from the V3 buggies.

In addition to this chassis and the donor parts from from your original SC201, you will need the following parts to complete the build:

FM Lay-down Transmission

  • PR S1 V3(FM) lateral plate – PR7100005
  • PR S1 V3(FM) Motor Protect Plate – PR71400036
  • PR S1 V3(FM) Motor Plate – PR71400046
  • PR S1 V3(FM) Gear Case – PR71400056
  • PR S1 V3(FM) Battery Retaining Plate – PR71000046
  • Chassis kickup (25 degree) – PR76500066 or PR76500096


MM Stand-up Tranmission

  • PR S1 V3(MM) Battery Retaining Plate (Carbon Fiber) – PR71400316
  • PR S1 V3(MM) Motor Plate – PR73400076
  • PR S1 V3 (MM) lateral plate  –  PR73400026
  • PR S1 V3(MM) Motor Protect Plate – PR73400056
  • PR S1 V3(MM) Gear Case – PR73400036
  • Chassis kickup (25 degree) – PR76500066 or PR76500096

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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1 in


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